Streamline your alternative investment firm operations

Aorta.Cloud is a suite of alternative investment software products that your firm will use as a “business operating system” so you can use one vendor to setup your entire firm and funds. Aorta.Cloud allows you to concentrate on making your investors’ money, and not on maintaining a vast network of software vendor products, relationships, software license agreements, and 3rd party concerns that distract from your goals. Get in touch with us today to talk about how Aorta.Cloud can help your firm get up and running quickly with a lot of the software you need at a fraction of the cost.

Your firm… as a service

With 200+ applications designed for all aspects of your business, allowing you to easily click the software modules you need, and get back to work focused on your investors, Aorta.Cloud offers a truly unique business proposition for your firm.

One of the longest running challenges and operational concerns while running an alternative investments firm is the software you choose. The solutions you use to run the business are often from multiple vendors. Let’s change that. Talk to us about how we can deliver the products you need in a scalable, secure, and fashionable way, and how our infrastructure offers you a platform for software delivered at the click of a button.

Select features of Aorta.Cloud alternative investment software

  • No limits on users
  • Affordably priced
  • No limits on licensing
  • Integrated out of the box
  • Securely hosted
  • Mostly, open source
  • Modern
  • Clean
  • Sophisticated
alternative investment software

Thank you for your interest

If you would like to have a brief consultation about your needs, please contact us via email, contact form, or phone.

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